Beer Tastings – What to Know Before You Go



Now that you have been invited to that beer-tasting event you were always yearning for, where do you go from here? While obviously a fun event, it is also a social event where you would not want to embarrass yourself, and so preparation is essential. Once you get that all-important invite, you need to learn some few ins and outs, and the dos, and don’ts of such events. So I give you!! Beer tastings – what to know before you go.


1. Eat Before Leaving for the Event

Eating before you leave is essential for ensuring you do not get drunk too quickly. Eating is of particular importance if you have low tolerance to alcohol, as food will absorb the alcohol ensuring you do not get drunk too fast. Believe me, while this is a drinking bonanza, nobody wants to see a weak or out of control beer taster messing up the party.


2. Take Flights instead of Pints

Unless you are attending the event to sample a specific beer, you should stick to flights rather than pints. You need to try as many beers as you can, and if you start taking pints, you will be unable to sample many of the beers on offer. If the beer tasting is happening at a brewery you have never visited, it is advisable to sample all eight or seven beers from the tap. Nonetheless, there is nothing wrong with grabbing a pint of your favorite beer if it is served.


3. You Need a Portable Container of Drinking Water

Hydrating is one of the most important things to take into consideration when going for beer tasting. Since you will be sampling several beers, you need enough water to detoxify and rehydrate your system from all that alcohol, and most importantly, to rinse your palate for the next beer. While many beer-tasting events will have water fountains, the queues for these are typically long and hard to find particularly after a few tastings.


4. Wear Comfortable Shoes

Most beer tasting events take the form of social events. Since they are geared towards interaction and socialization, there are very few seating accommodations or lounge chairs. Given that you will be on your feet standing or walking around most of the time, wear comfortable shoes so that you do not walk around in discomfort, or have to sit for more than is necessary.



5. Do not Hog the Table with your Favorite Beer

Nothing is more irritating than the person that just would not leave the serving table after getting their beer – just because that table has their favorite beer. As a participant at a beer-tasting event, you need to be experimental and bold – do not go only for the beers that you know. Beer Tasting events are places to get to know special beers before anyone else and get to sample unusual beer styles that you would never find at your local liquor store. Sampling from other tables and letting others sample from your favorite beer table is not only good etiquette, but will also make for a very good beer tasting experience.



There you have it! Beer tastings – what to know before you go. By following these simple tips, you can be better prepared for the social etiquette and the drinking aspects of beer tasting events. What you need to remember is that beer-tasting events are a mix of formal and social events and hence by maintaining a modicum of respect and moderation, you will get along just fine and even enjoy your first event.


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