The Rise of the Micro Brewery

People are taking notice of the rise of the micro brewery. Though the terminology is associated with something small, the impact it’s having in today’s beer market is quite huge. According to statistics from the Brewers Association (BA), more than 53% of the beer making firms as per august 2014 was micro breweries. And if the trends in the last few years are anything to go by, then the number is set to rise even further. This scenario isn’t seen in the United States alone but also in other world regions such as the United Kingdom, Asia, Australia, New Zealand and more. In fact, research findings shows that the rise in micro breweries was the key reason for slumped beer sales in New Zealand in 2012.

Briefly Looking at Micro Breweries

Also known as craft brewery, microbrewery is taking the world of beer making and consumption by storm. It can loosely be defined as the production of small quantities of beer by independent brewers instead of mass-production by large-scale breweries. A firm is categorized as a micro brewery if it produces no more than 15, 000 US barrels or 400, 000 gallons annually. In liters this is approximately 1.8 million. By keeping the production small-scale, the firm is able to concentrate on quality, technique and flavor. This is in contrast with mass-produced beer that aims at lowering cost of production and intense marketing. Quality, authenticity and technique are also the reasons that draw many people to this drink instead of the mass-produced beer.

Growth of the Micro Brewing Industry

Although traditional artisans have been brewing craft beer for centuries, the micro brewing movement is believed to have begun in the UK in the 1970s. Due to providing rich and authentic beer at affordable cost, the practice started spreading to other regions. In started being noticed in the US in the mid 80s and has continued to experience tremendous growth in the last decades. Records from the Brewers Association US indicate that there were 43 breweries as of 1983. However, by mid 2000, the number had risen by 1400.

What Makes The Craft Brewery Appealing?

There are several reasons that turn people to consume craft beer instead of the common beer. One, it is produced using a specific technique that doesn’t change over time. This assures a drinker off the same quality. Two, by focusing on small quantities, the beer retains its authenticity and flavor. Three, a large number of people consume this beer because of status quo. They feel privileged or honored to consume a drink that isn’t produced for the masses. Four, there is always cultural aspect behind the micro brewery. It will be identified with a certain region and culture.

In conclusion, we can see that the micro brewery is certainly becoming a force to reckon with. Large corporate breweries are taking notice and some are even considering taking part in the practice. And if the latest trends and statistics is anything to go with, we should expect the rise of the micro brewery to continue over the coming years. Ever drank craft beer? Why don’t you share your experience with us?

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